Vellum Flowers

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  1. Angie

    Hi, your flowers are beautiful and I can't wait to have a go. I do have a quick question though, some of your flowers are beautiful colours so is it a case of adding more ink to the backs before cutting out and are you using the chalk ink pads please? Thank you x Hello Angie, You don't need to add more ink, the colours get stronger as you layer them up. The darker the colour ink you use the stronger the colour with show through. We use all different types of inks, if we like the colour we use it. We don't use Distress Inks as they do not dry on the vellum, but the distress oxides do. Hope this helps. Kindest regards Amanda

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  2. Jacqueline Moore

    Very informative videos thank you. What is the GSM of your vellum the one I have is 100gsm & when I try to curl the petals it rips, I have cut it down to the centre too. Thank you Hi Jackie, We tend to use 140 - 170GSM it depends on the supplier we have it from. You must make sure that it is NOT a printable vellum as it will not curl as they are designed not to curl when they go through the printer. If i can help any further email please email me on [email protected]

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  3. jean elvins

    A great video and beautiful flowers more stamps added to my list. jean

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  4. Narun Chhith

    Hi my name is Narun I want to ask you that when that Item come back it call New Honey Crafts-Rose are Red Vellum Card Kit I just sew that in TV show I really love that Item please let me know when you going to have that Item again thank you for your time. Hello Narun, I am pleased to inform you that the Roses are Red Vellum Card Kits are now back in stock. Kindest regards Honey Doo Crafts

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  5. Susan Reynolds

    Hi can I purchase a kit in the uk. Hello Susan, I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have not been getting notifications that there are messages on the Blog :-( We are a UK based company. Everything is available to purchase at Kindest regards Amanda

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  6. Julie Chambers

    Now I know where I went wrong!!! I only cut around the flower, I didn't cut to the centre hence my flowers ripped & went into the bin! I hope you have now had your op or at least got a date to have your gallbladder removed. Take care & thank you for the helpful video, I will give it a go tomorrow ? x

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  7. Gillian Adie

    Great video you have made it so easy to follow. Thanks.

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  8. Nati Tschus

    Hello this idea is really great! Look for the flower! Also deliver to switzerland ???? I am very hopeful! Many greetings. Hello Nati, Thank you for your message. Yes we do deliver to Switzerland, our delivery is £3.00 shipping for the full order. Kindest regards Amanda

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  9. Rachel Jolley

    Oh my word, those flowers are absolutely STUNNING! Thank you for this very helpful video, I so want to make these beautiful flowers!

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  10. Anne

    Hi Annemarie Spoke to you and your mum at the craft show. Purchased the boxed kit with the rose stamp. Although we stood and watched you both, by the time we arrived home, had forgotten. So I am delighted to have found your videos explaining it all in detail. Thank you and hope you enjoyed your solitary boiled egg for lunch! Anne

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  11. Annemarie

    Thanks for your Videos they Are so helpful, Well done

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