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So yesterday Martin decided it would be a good idea for us to make a video on how to make flower embellishments using our Trio of Flowers and Flowers for Design Stamp Sets.  By us i think me meant ME.  Anyway after a lot of laughing and Martin even putting a jumper over his head so i couldnt see him laughing (which just make me laugh more!!!) we eventually got it done, and Lottie our black Lab even managed to Video Bomb it by having a drink in the background.  So here it is. It isn't perfect but for a first time it isn't to bad.  Hope you :)

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  1. Ann Evans

    I found your trio of flowers useful so I shall have a go !

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  2. Dorothy Black

    Hi, as you may realise I have just ordered three stamps from you and actually met you at the Harrogate Show. I am so keen so watch your video but it keeps freezing on my iPad. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me. May have to speak to Apple but, in the meantime, if anyone can help I would be sooooooo grateful. Hope you get to the Gateshead Show this weekend. Love all you do, lol Dorothy xxx

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  3. Sandy

    wow found your blog and love your flower tutorial ... met you and your Mum at the Portsmouth show yesterday ... bought your flower stamp and have been playing with it this morning ... glad I found your tut coz I had forgotten to curl it round the kebab skewer ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

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  4. Aunts Em

    This is very professional. I could make one of these flowers after seeing the video. Do more. Will have to watch again I didn't hear the water was concentraiting on you. Well done. Love you all mx

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